Severe weather increases the risk of trees coming down. 

Now is the time to have a certified tree arborist inspect your trees. An expert will look for warning signs of dangerous trees, such as: discoloration, rotting, deep cracks, or dead limbs.  

David Smith, a certified arborist and owner of Smith’s Tree Care said removing a dangerous tree could prevent you and your property from being damaged. 

Smith and his work crews were busy on Friday, as they removed trees ahead of severe weather. 

“The biggest threat is gonna be the wind,” said Smith. 

Smith said the time of year is also a contributing factor to damaged trees becoming more dangerous. 

“Now that the winter is gone, the leaves have come out. There’s a lot more sail area for the wind to push against,” said Smith. 

One of the many trees they removed on Friday was rotting from inside and out.   

It crushed a car below it during a storm a few days ago. 

Brittany Cooper said it was her neighbor’s truck he had only purchased a week prior. 

“We were just sitting in the living room watching T.V. when we heard something like a crash,” said Cooper. "I was shocked. I was scared. I have a toddler upstairs. I’m like, okay, I need to take action!” 

Cooper decided to call a tree company over to have them remove the rest of the tree. She feared its decaying trunk would tumble over during Friday’s storm. 

Smith said the damage on the tree was obvious, and if an arborist would have observed it before the storm, the accident could have been prevented. 

Smith said having your trees checked routinely is critical. 

“If you’re really worried now, try to plan ahead for the next storm by giving us a call. We’ll take a look at your trees and identify the problems so you can sleep better when you know a storm’s coming,” said Smith. 

If you decide to have your trees checked, make sure the inspection is done by a certified arborist.