WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WVEC) -- 13News Now found the only competitive curler in Hampton Roads.

Jennifer Fox, of Williamsburg, has been competing all over the country in curling tournaments called "bonspiels."

"I love to watch the Olympics, so for a while curling was the only thing on TV, so I just started watching," said Fox. "As you keep watching you just get hooked ... So by the time Sochi came around, I was really excited to watch curling again."

She joined the Richmond-based Curling Club of Virginia almost four years ago after watching the Sochi 2014 Olympics. Fox tracked down a local curling club through the Team USA's Curling website.

"[Jenn] has improved a ton. She is a very good curler for someone who is just getting started," said Curling Club of Virginia President Travis Hamilton. "She is very passionate about it, and she works hard at it and travels quite a bit, so it's cool."

In total, Fox has traveled to nine curling tournaments, most recently in Durham, North Carolina. The farthest away was in Fairfax... Alaska.

Making the trip from Williamsburg to Richmond every week is daunting, but Fox said it's worth it.

"The club is really good about working with people's schedules and making sure folks have an opportunity to get up to the club, help set up and play a nice game and have some fun afterward, too," Fox said.

Currently, there are only two curling clubs in Virginia. Curling Club of Virginia has been around since 2011, and Blue Ridge Curling Club in Charlottesville was founded in 2016.

According to Hamilton, a group is currently trying to form a curling club in Roanoke, too.

The CCoV offers beginner curling classes, practice opportunities, and league memberships. For more information on how to get involved, click here.