ORLANDO, Fla. -- A grieving mother from Georgia needs help to find a precious reminder of her child, who died in a car crash last month.

Chasity Foster and her daughter, Shaylin, were supposed to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon together this past weekend in central Florida. Tragically, Shaylin was killed in a car wreck in January.

Chasity decided to run the race while wearing a necklace that had Shaylin’s ashes in it. At some point, that necklace fell off Chasity’s neck. She said it was somewhere between the Magic Kingdom parking entrance toll area and where the princes stood.

The family is desperate to find the necklace and they’re asking people to share its Facebook post so it can be located.

If you find it, please contact Chasity at Chasfoster7@gmail.com or call 706-361-5359.