WASHINGTON, D.C. (WVEC)-- Making sure that combat wounded vets get what's theirs'.

That's the objective of a bill sponsored by Virginia Senator Mark Warner.

"For years, wounded combat veterans had their disability severance pay improperly taxed, because of a glitch in the Pentagon's computing system," he said.

Now, Warner said, that's about to change, under the "Combat Wounded Veterans Tax Fairness Act."

He announced Tuesday that the Department of Defense will begin sending notifications to 133,000 veterans who may qualify for a refund on federal taxes they wrongly paid, dating back to 1991.

Warner in 2016 introduced and passed the Act, instructing DoD to identify veterans who were wronged, to notify them of their eligibility. The bill was signed into law by then-President Barrack Obama.

"Of all people, these veterans who were injured in the line of duty deserve to be treated better by their government. And I'm glad they'll finally have the opportunity to claim the money that is theirs.'"

Eligible veterans will now have a year after they receive the notice from DoD to file a claim for the refund. Warner vows his office will do everything it can to help the vets.