YORK COUNTY, Va. (WVEC) -- There's an effort underway to equip York County Sheriff’s deputies with a potentially life-saving drug, Narcan.

It's used to help someone who's overdosed on heroin.

Members with one York County organization are helping lead the charge, some who struggled with addiction but are now in long-term recovery.

Jan Brown is the founder of SpiritWorks Foundation, a recovery community organization in Williamsburg that helps people recovering from addiction.

Brown is in long term recovery, being alcohol and drug free for the past 30 years.

Several months ago, they were approached by a parent who asked them about providing Narcan to York County Sheriff's deputies.

Narcan is the medicine used to treat narcotic overdose in an emergency.

Through fundraising efforts and donations, they've been able to buy more than 70 doses of the medicine for deputies to carry while on calls.

“I was given the gift of recovery at 22 and so being able to, this many years later continue to do this work is important,” Brown says. “This is a way we can be a part of the solution.”

They're not stopping with 72 doses of Narcan. They want to buy more not just for York county, but Williamsburg and James City County as well.

That’s why they're kicking off their “Soles for the Soul” fundraiser.

They’re collecting shoes that they'll sell to a company, and then use the money to purchase more of the medicine.

"This is the beginning to get all the law enforcement in this area the drug,” Brown says.

Brown isn't at it alone.

Nicole Petrou came to SpiritWorks Foundation two years ago searching for help and support with her recovery.

She is now, also in long-term recovery, and hopes to be example for others.

“It is an amazing feeling to help someone who has been where I’ve been and I like to give them hope things can get better,” Petrou says.

To find out how you can donate shoes contact SpiritWorks Foundation at (757) 903-0000, or you can email them at info@spiritworksfoundation.org

You can also visit their Facebook here.