YORK COUNTY, Va. (WVEC) -- As millions prepare to head to the polls next week, there's already some confusion brewing in York County.

A letter is making its way around the area, telling some voters that their polling location is changing.

However, elections officials in York County say the letter is incorrect, and they're not sure where it's coming from.

“I had never heard anything about it but I know we usually vote at Yorktown,” Clinton Kee says.

Clinton Kee a number of people in his neighborhood and his church found out about this letter back in August.

The letter states that residents in Riverwalk Townes, Lackey and neighboring areas are no longer voting in Yorktown, but in Williamsburg, more than 10 miles from these neighborhoods.

“A lot of people probably won't vote because they don't want to go to Williamsburg,” Kee says.

Several concerned residents contacted Director of Elections Walter Latham when the letter surfaced back in August.

Since then, Latham has been trying to address the issues and inform everyone in these neighborhoods, but the letter, is still making its way around town.

“The main thing is whatever someone tells you or whatever you hear you need to check before election,” Latham says.

Officials with the county's voter registrar’s office say they have not had any changes in polling locations since redistricting in 2011.

The letter is from an organization called “Committee for Equitable Voter Access”.

Latham is not familiar with the organization.

To find out where your polling location is visit http://www.yorkcounty.gov/CountyServices/VoterRegistration.aspx