YORKTOWN, Va. (WVEC) -- It's taking the nation by storm.

Pokémon Go.

It's a game on your phone where you can go to real locations and catch Pokémon, however the game is raising some concerns about trespassing and safety. But one church in Yorktown is welcoming the gamers.

“We just want to say hey you're welcome here, you're welcome to come hang out, grab a drink, grab a snack,” Emily Howdyshell of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church says. “Honestly it's hot out so it makes sense to provide drinks.”

Emily Howdyshell says their church is already hip to the latest trend. Instead of pushing people away who may be looking for Pokémon on their front steps, they welcome them, providing a snack as well.

“Howdyshell and Saint Luke's United are aware of what's taking place nationally concerning the Pokémon game, so their goal is to do something small to give gamers a safe place to go in their community.”

“Obviously there's a lot of negative feedback coming from this game, people are trespassing people are staring at their phones all the time, whatever the complaint is but the main purpose for us is to show everyone you're welcome you're loved we want you to be here,” Howdyshell says.

Law enforcement in Yorktown are warning people to make sure they're don't trespass while hunting Pokémon, after another church was startled by a few people trying to get inside their church during a vacation bible school.

“We're the church and we're supposed to show love in our community and that's what we plan on doing,” Howdyshell says.

Howdyshell hopes what they're doing will want people to come back in the future, for other reasons.