Well, we had another horrible weekend in America.

I'm not talking about the Cowboys' annual Blue-White scrimmage. Two more shootings in America this weekend, and I have been waiting for someone to say this, but since no one has or will, I guess I will.

Why is it when a white man opens fire, he is always referred to as a crazy guy, a nut with a gun, a man dealing with mental health issues? But when 19 Muslims fly into a building, 15 of them are from Saudi Arabia, we invade Iraq and then blame the entire religion, then try to ban all Muslims from coming into America?

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When the Mexican immigrant does commit a crime -- far fewer than Americans do -- we want to build to a wall to stop the Hispanic invasion. White guys like Timothy McVeigh who blew up the federal building in Oklahoma, killing 168. White guys like the two shooters this weekend never represent the race or religion, only the Hispanics and the Muslims do.

Am I really the only one who sees the problem there? But if we ever do ban all the Muslims -- can Kareem Abdul-Jabbar stay? I like him. 

And you thought I wouldn't talk any sports this morning. 

I'm Dale Hansen. Try to find some joy in your day.

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