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Scott Cash signing off one last time: 13News Now Sports Director retiring after 36 years

After 36 years with 13News Now, Scott Cash is retiring at the top of his game.

NORFOLK, Va. — The cowboy philosopher Will Rogers once said, "The best a man can do is to arrive at the top of his chosen profession." 

Scott Cash, you have arrived. 

For 36 years at 13News Now, Scott has shared with our viewers a boundless enthusiasm for sports, as well as a passion for this community. Now a new and exciting chapter of Scott's life lies ahead: retirement, where the only deadlines will be making your tee times. 

If it's indeed true that success is best when shared, then we are all the better for the many years we have shared at 13News Now with our good friend.

"It's not a job to him. It's fun, it's his livelihood," 13News Now Chief Meteorologist Jeff Lawson said of Scott. They've worked together for 32 years.

"Like I said, I think he's one of the best I've ever seen," Jeff said.

Lively at times and appropriately serious when the moment calls for it, there is much more to Scott than scores and highlights. He is filled with kindness and compassion.

"I tell my kids all the time: kindness changes everything," said 13News Now Anchor Janet Roach. "It draws people toward you, and he's that kind of person."

For decades, Scott has cared deeply about the many student-athletes in Hampton Roads.

"He sleeps on the floor of his office some nights so he can be up early in the morning to cover high school signing day," noted 13News Now Anchor David Alan. "That's the kind of dedication he's had every day throughout his career."

Dedicated, but not changed by his successes. Scott is genuine and authentic. 

"He knows that the world is bigger than just about himself," said Janet.

Scott also is all about family: a husband, a father, and recently, a proud grandfather.

"He talks about his grandson all of the time," recalled Janet. "He says, 'Oh, he likes my wife better than me.'"

"He's such a deep thinker about things well beyond sports. It's always fascinating to talk about his views on news, politics, travel, he's just such a deep thinker," added David.

Scott has been such an important part of what we do, a team with more than 120 years combined at 13News Now. 

We will miss him as you will miss him.

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