VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — "It's just something unique. It's kind of like darts on steroids," so says Rob Schiebel of Virginia Beach. He is something of an expert in axe throwing even though he only picked up the sport just last year. 

We visited a place called Tribal Axe in Virginia Beach and it was packed on a Wednesday night. 

Who was there? Kids, grownups, beginners and some very talented ax throwers. 

Tribal Axe owner Rebecca Corley has an idea why this is so popular, "When they come in here the sensation of actually throwing the axe is unlike anything other."

She went on to say one out of four people seem to be natural at axe throwing. On the other hand, one out of four people struggle. But Corley says there seems to be hope for all, "You don't know who's the natural until you actually throw the axe and then once they're in here you can find out. But, everybody figures it out. Some just take a little longer than others."