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Setting sail with a multi-talented ODU student athlete

Bridget Groble is the ODU sailing team MVP and believed to be the first student-athlete to be student rep to the Board of Visitors at the school.

NORFOLK, Va. — Bridget Groble's dad introduced her to sailing at the age of 5. She didn't fall in love with the sport right away. Soccer was more her thing. 

However, by the time Groble got to high school, she found her passion for sailing. She says every day is different out on the water. The conditions change. As Groble descibes things, "It's kind of like playing a soccer game, but with a changing field."

This past spring, Groble was named MVP of the ODU sailing team. She also carries a 3.91 G.P.A. To top things off she is now the student representative to the ODU Board of Visitors. It's is believed that she is the first student-athlete to hold that position.

She carries her experience as an athlete with her into her new experience as the student rep, "It's not my voice as much as me listening and understanding what all the students at ODU are going through. I think that's very important. Just like when you're in a team context, it's not all about you, it's about the team."

Not too far down the road, Groble is thinking med school for emergency medicine. In the meantime, while taking classes and being the student representative, she is planning on being part of a research program at EVMS this fall.