MINNEAPOLIS — It's been an amazing journey for the top seeded Virginia Cavaliers.They got into the NCAA Final Four for the first time in 35 years and now with their first ever appearance in the title game, the Hoos get the opportunity to get the school's first national championship when they take on Texas Tech Monday night.

The Cavs and Red Raiders are mirror images of each other when it comes to defense. Texas Tech, who's after their school's first title, is number one in the country while Virginia is 5th. For the Cavaliers getting to this point is very personal. They took a lot of heat after losing in the first round last year to Maryland Baltimore County 74-54. It was the first time after 135 tries a 16th seed knocked off a 1 seed. 

It seems like a distant memory as UVA is now on the brink of erasing that nightmare by winning it all. : "I think it's very easy with what's a stake", says guard, Kyle Guy. "A chance to bring home a title. Cut down the net for the program. The community. For our own lives. We enjoyed last night and with today we focus on what's ahead."

Cavs head coach, Tony Bennett has always maintained a level head throughout the past year to get back to this point. He's kept things in perspective. "You hope you have a vision and you hope, but you never truly know. When you come in a say this is gonna happen. We're gonna be a Final Four team. We're gonna win the ACC. You believe it and you hope it and you just go to work."