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Chesapeake's Cuddyer passing on the love of baseball to the next generation

Michael Cuddyer, a former NL batting champion, held USA Baseball Homegrown Clinic at his old high school on Sunday.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — Former Major Leaguer Michael Cuddyer was part of the generation that started a pipeline of players from Hampton Roads to the big leagues from David Wright, Melvin and Justin Upton to Mark Reynolds. Cuddyer was holding his Homegrown Clinic at his alma mater Great Bridge High School on Sunday. 120 children between the ages of 5-12 took part in the event and the 15 year veteran wanted them to take away more than just baseball. "Just come out here and enjoy it", he said. "Playing the game. Playing sports and also I want them to appreciate their parents being able to bring them out here."

Cuddyer played for the Twins, Rockies and Mets. The 2-time all-star and 2013 National League batting champion doesn't necessarily think a moment like this where it all started is about coming full circle. "I think it's a continuum, right? I don't know if it's a circle. It's just a continuum. There's gonna be ebbs and flows and playing on here and then coaching on here and I think the next evolution is seeing my kids hopefully out here and then seeing their kids."

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