NORFOLK, Va. — The 7 Cities Summer Pro-Am Summer League continues bolster some familiar names that either currently in college or playing overseas. Among them is Hampton native and former North Carolina State great, Cat Barber who's back for the 15th annual event. "It's good to be coming back home", he says. "Playing with some of the people you grew up with and just having fun".

After leaving the Wolfpack as an All-American in college, the 24 year of went undrafted by the NBA, but was able to get time with a couple of G-League teams and splitting time playing ball in Israel. "The pace. The time. The coaching. It's all different, but you can adjust to it", he explained.

For now, the former Hampton Crabber just wants to continue to improve and always be driven. "There's always someone behind you. Whether it's pro-am...anywhere. Someone is always out there trying to out shine you. I feel like everywhere I play, I go hard".