VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.- Back in the mid-1960's, a gallon of gas was .31 cents. The great musical group, The Beatles were invading the United States and Gemini 3 launched the first U.S. 2-man space flight. There was also a certain basketball coach by the name of Paul Webb who started a camp when he was a head coach at Randolph-Macon in the Richmond area. 54 years later, it's considered an institution. "Normally it's not a day that I don't run into somebody that'll come up to me and say, 'Hey Coach. How ya' doing. I used to go to your camp'", he says.

His list of former campers or high school and college players who helped out would impress anyone when it came to professional sports. Among them current and former Major League Baseball players like Mark Reynolds (Nationals), David Wright (Mets) and recently retired player, Michael Cuddyer. As for the NBA, Bryant Stith (formerly of UVA), the late Hall Of Famer, Moses Malone, Ralph Sampson (UVA/Rockets), Mark West (ODU) and the late Maryland All-American and Boston Celtic pick, Len Bias. His son, Eddie, a former college coach himself, put it this way, "There's no camp in the country that's had that caliber of camper", he says. "I like to tell people that we turned out a lot more doctors and lawyers than we did professional athletes".