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Grant Holloway goes for gold

The Grassfield graduate has had his sites on today for a long time

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — "My wife and I don't use that word surreal a lot. He's proven that nothing he does for us is a surreal moment," surrealism no longer applies to Stan Holloway. Such is life when your son is Grant Holloway, the fastest hurdler walking the Earth. 

"Ecstatic, elated, all the things that come with being a proud father, put all that together and that's how I feel," the elder Holloway speaks from Orlando, gathered with other Olympian's families to watch the games. 

Now just hours away from the 100 meter hurdles Olympic final, nerves don't apply to the Holloway family anymore either, "I'm beyond nerves, we've seen him do this so many times," says Stan. 

All those years of nerves were part of the journey to raise not just an Olympian, but a person representing his country on the biggest stage. 

"You hope the best for your kids. Train em the way they should be trained. When you release them to the world, you hope everything you've done for them sticks."

Whether he wins gold or not, the Holloways training appears to have stuck.