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Hampton's dynamic duo work well together at quarterback

Chris Zellous and Malcolm Mays have found a way to share the ball as the Pirates start their season 3-0.

HAMPTON, Va. — In most cases for college football teams, you normally see just the main quarterback start a game.

However, the Hampton Pirates decided to go a different route, and the results have been impressive.

During the summer season, they weren't sure who would be under center to start.

 Now, with a 3-0 record and starting their Colonial Athletic Association play Saturday at Delaware, there's still no decision between Malcolm Mays and Chris Zellous --  and they're ok with that.

"The situation with the quarterback is a new playbook with these quarterbacks," head coach Robert Prunty said. "We've just got to play this out."

Mays and Zellous have shared duties the past three games. Both have similar abilities. Mays has an edge having played in junior college, while Zellous is a redshirt freshman.

 Both feel that in order to do this, you have to check your ego at the door. 

"The bond that we have in the quarterback room, I think we have a great quarterback room," Zellous said. "It's all about support." 

Mays agrees.

 "We're all in it for the team," he said. "What the team needs is the team wins. Whoever is in there can get the job done and we're going to be all right."

After all of this, who will they ultimately go with? 

Prunty puts it simply.

 "I don't really know. I mean whoever has the hot hand. We're going with the hot hand guy," he said. 

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