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Hampton University sailors excel on and off the water

The Pirate's sailing team produces not one, but two valedictorians from abroad

HAMPTON, Va. — Elisabeth Kuester , class of 2019, and Filip Stevanovic, class of 2020, would be forgiven for any size of ego. 

"At the very base I'm a lazy person, I'm not this overachiever," claims Keuster. 

Let's examine the resume before we decided the validity of this claim. Keuster came to Hampton from Italy to sail for the Pirates. Four successful years on the the water later, and she graduated with a degree in accounting, before eventually settling in to a job in London. Oh, and she was valedictorian of her class. And she took kickboxing on the side as a senior. Achievement is relative, but I'd give Keuster the "over". 

"People overestimate the amount of work I actually put in," states Filip. 

A deeper dive is necessary for this assertion as well. Filip came to the states from Croatia without knowing a single soul. He also completed four years with the sailing team. Need I remind you college athletics is a serious time commitment. Filip graduated with a major in Psychology and a minor in Marketing. Filip was also valedictorian of his graduating class. 

In addition to brains and boats, I think it's fair to say modesty comes with being a member of the Hampton sailing team as well....at least for these two.