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Hanchey twins refuse to dwell

Through tragedy, triumph and missed Sociology tests, Trent and Ty have each others back.

When I showed up to interview the Hanchey brothers, I knew the basics of their story. Twin baseball players from Granby High School who joined a team featuring their big brother, and lost their mother to colon cancer during their freshman year and season. It's impossible to tell their store without including the tragic loss, but here's the thing, within a few minutes of talking to them, you effortlessly fall into conversation about baseball, siblings, classes, quarantine, you name it. 

The all of a sudden Trent offers up the information you've nearly forgotten about. 

"Our mother passed away from colon cancer our freshman year." he says, describing how much closer that brought his family. 

"We were all mother's boys, so going through that was super tough, but we have a great group of guys here that were all very supportive," Ty continues, following his brother. They effortlessly bring in their mom's lessons, the support of their teammates, and the closeness of the Hanchey siblings. 

This ability to talk freely about a life changing moment, but to not let it change their outlook on that particular moment, they credit to their mom. 

"You only live life once, she said to keep living and to be as happy as you can every single day," says Ty. 

The brothers talk constantly about not dwelling on the past, another lesson from their mother. This extends to the diamond, where an early season slump from Ty gave way to a strong second half, buoyed by his brother. "If there's any player who is going to know me as well as I do it's him, I would says he's the biggest reason for getting me out of the slump this year," says Ty. 

Just like that they're talking baseball, tattoos, the upcoming MEAC tournament, and yes, their mom, all with a smile on their faces.