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Joe Jones takes over at Grassfield, Grizzlies aim to rebound

After years of consistent success, Grassfield finished 1-9 last season, a new regime hopes to recapture winning ways

Joseph Jones has been a part of teams on both ends of the competitive spectrum. "I've been 15-0 with a state championship, I've been 0-10. the only difference is how the outside world looks at you. At the end of the day, you have to show up and work," Jones voice carries over the training camp tunes as he talks. Jones has seen what success and failure look like, and he knows the difference is what happens here, on the practice field on a 90 degree day in August, as much as what happens on game day. 

That 15-0 team would be the Oscar Smith Tigers, where Jones won a state championship as an All Tidewater linebacker in 2011. From there he played at Virginia State before becoming an assistant coach with the Tigers and ultimately the head coach at Lakeland High School in Suffolk. 

Now he takes over a Grassfield program that went 1-9 last season, 1-9 in their inaugural 2007 season, and experienced a lot of consistent success in between. His attempt to recapture that success doesn't begin with X's and O's. 

"We wanted to come in and make sure we got the mindset, it's all about the mindset. The kids are in the building, we just have to change the mindset. We want a positive outlook on things. Everyday kids know they gotta show up and work." Jones looks passed ability on the field to find success, "We talk about doing the things that require no talent, that's what we want to be the best at. Being on time requires no talent, we want to be the best at that. Hustling, being disciplined, all those things that require no talent, we want to make sure we're the best at those things." 


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