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King's Fork football all set for a new adventure

The Bulldogs are preparing for their first ever trip to the state semifinals. They play Varina on Saturday.

SUFFOLK, Va. — You'll have to excuse King's Fork High School football if they don't know exactly how to act. It's understandable. After all, they have never prepared for a state football semifinal game before. 

Chances are, they're just going to keep acting the way they have the first 12 games of the season, like family. Head coach Anthony Joffrion was an assistant on other championship teams and sees a similarity between those teams and his Bulldogs, "Yes, this team just has a unique family bond. Most of these guys have been playing together since they were young. It makes it very easy to coach because these guys are going to play hard for each other."

King's Fork is traveling to the Richmond area to take on Varina this Saturday at 2 p.m. It's a Class 4 state semifinal game. Both teams come in with (11-1) records. 

Joffrion describes the Varina program as being historic and prestigious and with the same kind of demographics as King's Fork. Bulldogs quarterback Cameron Butler sees it this way, "On film, they're a very nice school. They know how to play ball. They're very disciplined. But, I feel like our guys are going to go out there and show them how Suffolk football is really played."

When asked what he's looking forward to the most about Saturday, Butler says, "Just winning. I'm just ready to win. I can't stand losing."

If you're at the game, take a peek at coach Joffrion on the sidelines. Even though it's December and no matter the temperature, he'll be wearing short sleeves. Butler knows why this works, "Once you get in that game it's like all your energy, all your adrenaline keeps you warm." Joffrion is a little more philosophical, "I just try to be a role model for my players. When they come outside and they're worried about the cold, they're worried about freezing and things like that, when I'm out there in short sleeves it's like I'm leading by example. So, it's like I'm not cold. I'm freezing though. Don't tell them that."

O.k. coach. Wouldn't think of mentioning it. No worries.