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NFL Combine Rumors: Rodgers returning? Trubisky buzz?

With coaches and execs in attendance, the rumor mills is buzzing at the NFL combine. Matt Williamson of the Peacock and Williamson podcast tells what he's hearing.

It's NFL Scouting Combine week in Indianapolis and while much of the focus is, of course, on the prospects, it's also the top postseason NFL rumor mill.

With executives, coaches, scouts, reporters and insiders in attendance, it's the perfect place to see what's what prior to the formal beginning of the 2022 offseason in mid-March.

Matt Williamson of the Peacock and Williamson NFL Show, part of the Locked On Podcast Network, is in attendance this week and discussed several things he's hearing from sources at the combine this week on Wednesday's show.

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Major Mitch Trubisky buzz?

Williamson said on Wednesday's show that maybe the most surprising thing flying around the combine rumor mill is the heavy interest in former Chicago Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky. Trubisky was the No. 2 overall pick in 2017 before being considered a bust and eventually signing a one-year deal as a backup in Buffalo prior to last season.

"Everywhere you turn, people are talking about Mitch Trubisky that Buffalo did him really good and his reputation took a turn for the better even though he didn’t play a lot of football." Williamson said. "His name seems to be popping left and right and there will probably be substantial interest."

This is supposed to be an all-time year for quarterback changes in the NFL and it's possible Trubisky could get himself a starting job, Williamson said. But, co-host Brian Peacock still says that would be a mistake.

“How did he get enough better that teams are like oh never mind he's a starter again," Peacock said. "I understand he was a good backup in Buffalo, but he didn’t take you to the playoffs. So what’s really going on there? That just doesn’t add up for me and it sounds like maybe there’s some teams talking themselves into things.”

Williamson said Trubisky is drawing interest from the Steelers, who just had Ben Roethlisberger retire, the Saints and the Commanders.

"There’s talent there…He had some early success with the Bears and it was a really tough situation and stepping away and going to the environment that he did in Buffalo I think has merit and shows he knows he needed some work," Williamson said. "However, 11 months ago the best deal he could get is one year in Buffalo for $3 million a year as a backup.”

Kyler Murray drama continues

Williamson said a hot topic at the combine is certainly the Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals situation.

Murray's agent, also the agent of Kliff Kingsbury, publicly asked the Cardinals to take care of their 24-year-old quarterback with a new contract this offseason on Monday. Kliff Kingsbury and GM Steve Keim both spoke on Tuesday. 

Then, on Wednesday, the Cardinals announced they've extended Kingsbury and Keim through 2027. Does that mean a deal is coming for Murray, too? Or did Arizona just make things worse?

Williamson said he's hearing it's still a puzzle as to what will happen between the two parties.

“I don’t know what to make of this," Williamson said. "So often after the season, you hear these things and many of us are quick to dismiss them and say that’s a lot of smoke. And, most of the time that’s true. Except for when it isn’t because people do get unhappy and leave teams…I think Kyler’s a difficult decision. Is he one of the top 10 QBs in the league, absolutely. But has he progressed extremely well? No. Is his size issue contributing to late season injury time and time again, is that going to continue? I would have my concerns about that.”

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Rodgers and Adams landing back in Green Bay?

The biggest thing Williamson said he's hearing at the combine is that both Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams aren't going anywhere.

Rodgers made a deal to return to Green Bay last summer with the agreement that the Packers would agree to look for trade partners following the 2021 season if he so desired. Rodgers has one year left on his deal in Green Bay and while there was buzz about Denver, Williamson said he's hearing Rodgers will in fact return to Green Bay with a contract extension.

Additionally, All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams' contract is up. If Rodgers was going to leave, there were questions about where that would leave his relationship with the Packers, but Williamson said it's expected Adams will also get a new deal.

“Almost anyone that I bring this up to and people that would have a strong indicator, have told me don’t expect Aaron Rodgers or Davante Adams to leave Green Bay," Williamson said. "He’s going to get a big contract, he’s coming off an MVP. If you extend Adams and Rodgers, you can get pretty cap friendly by pushing their money and their cap hits down the road. There’s no chance Adams hits free agent. At a minimum it’s a franchise tag situation, there’s zero percent chance he hits the market.”

Peacock said this makes the most sense for both parties.

“If Rodgers wants to win, he’s winning 13 games a year and has no competition in the division," Peacock said. "Why would you go to a division with some of the best quarterbacks in the NFL in the AFC West with the Denver Broncos and give yourself a worse chance to win?”

Once Rodgers signs his deal in Green Bay, expect a flurry of quarterback deals as dominos start to fall.


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