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Michaela Rose is ready for the next step

The Rose household has always provided everything the track star needs, but she takes the next step on her own.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — "A lot of my determination comes from having siblings. I wouldn't be the same person I am right now if I didn't have siblings." 

At some point in that sentence, Michaela Rose seems to go from talking about track to talking about life in general. 

Family is the driving force behind Michaela, behind all the Roses. Michaela's Mom and Dad both ran track in college, her older brother currently runs for Liberty University, her younger brother recently outpaced her following a recent growth spurt, and her younger sister walks with her stride for stride today on a park field in Virginia Beach. 

Her Dad has always been her coach and teacher. It may have felt like a public school classroom with four kids, but Michaela and her siblings are all homeschooled. 

"It makes it easier to train, my parents are right there, they make sure I eat healthy," said Michaela, extolling the virtues of her time at the home. 

Next year, however, the school will be a whole lot bigger. The number one track and field recruit in her class, Michaela heads to Louisiana State University. Her Dad's old college coach at Auburn University will be her coach at LSU, so the Rose family ties are never too far, but she'll be out on her own nonetheless. 

"Wherever you go, you're already great, you already have greatness inside you."

She sounds ready.