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Washington Football Team to unveil new name February 2nd

Officially out of the playoffs, Washington braces for one more big decision before the offseason.

NORFOLK, Va. — The Washington Football Team is officially out of the running for Super Bowl LVI. Their next big moment comes two weeks before, February 2nd. That's when the team says it'll unveil its long-awaited new mascot. 

Today's announcement also officially eliminated two names thought to be very firmly in the running. "Wolves" and by extension "Red Wolves" are both out due to trademark issues. 

Armada, Presidents, Brigade, Red Hogs, Commanders, Defenders and WFT we all confirmed by Tanya Snyder on Adam Schefter's podcast in September as names in the running. 

The Washington Red Tails has gained traction on social media, while Washington Sentinels has been floated after a fictional team in the movie "The Replacements".

Some have also noted that the announcement will come on Groundhog Day, leading to guesses along those lines. 

All we know for certain right now, however, is that we will know for certain on February 2nd. Until then, the Washington Football Team will take the field Sunday against the New York Giants.