An intruder at the Opening Ceremony in PyeongChang entered onto the stage twice during the show, NBC revealed at the end of its telecast.

NBC identified the intruder as an "unauthorized individual" who entered the stage area during one of the dramatic vocal performances of the show. He then later appeared back on stage during one of the group performances. The broadcast showed security escorting the man away for a second time.

"It's a sure security miss to have an invader once during the program, let alone what seems to be the same person," NBC announcer Mike Tirico said at the conclusion of the broadcast. He otherwise praised PyeongChang for its ceremony which promoted a message of peace and unity.

According to Channel News Asia, the intruder slid down a long icy chute that was the backdrop to one of the stages.

"It was a Korean spectator and he was removed from the stadium as soon as he was taken off the stage," a spokeswoman for the Games told Channel News Asia.

The spokesperson did not mention the second incident.

The moment reportedly occurred moments after North and South Korea marched into the stadium under one flag.