SUFFOLK, Va. — If you are spending more time outside, you probably have noticed the warmer weather is bringing out more bugs, including mosquitoes!

“There is a lot of insect activity," said Suffolk Mosquito Control Superintendent Charles Abadam. "We are seeing a lot of biting midges, biting gnats and grain flies."

Abadam said so far this year, crews haven’t started spraying around Suffolk, but it will start any day. He said community members are calling, asking city workers to check around their homes for mosquitoes.

On Thursday, biologists looked under a microscope at several dead mosquitoes inside Suffolk’s Mosquito Control Lab.

“We are doing weekly checks in our designated locations. We are trapping for mosquitoes so that we can figure out where the problem areas are,” explained Abadam.

Many people at Bennett’s Creek Park on Thursday said the bugs are really bad. Park goers told 13News Now they have to keep reapplying bug spray if they plan to stay for a few hours.

“Pretty much you can’t even be out here without swarms, so basically you can’t come during the evening time,” Joseph Prevatte said.

Abadam’s best advice is to always wear light and loose clothing while you are outside, buy insect repellent and dump out standing water near your home. He said if you plan to buy bug spray, you may have to try a few brands to find one that works best for your body.

“Every year we find West Nile Virus and Triple E (Eastern Equine Encephalitis) in our mosquito population. But we never have a West Nile virus or a Triple E human that has locally acquired those diseases,” Abadam explained. 

Abadam said his department puts traps all around the city throughout the year and checks for mosquitoes that may carry diseases.

If you live in Suffolk, city leaders provide free mosquito dunks for anyone who wants them. They are available at Public Works.