NORFOLK, Va. — Over time, through careful process, cucumbers become pickles. Pickleball's growth in the this country has been equally methodical. 

All across the country the seeds have been planted, for years people have converted courts designed for other games into pickleball arenas. Seeking out fellow players while the rest of the country unknowingly waited on it's arrival. 

You go to the store and pick up a jar of pickles, and to you they've always been there. You come to Virginia Beach Tennis and Country Club to find brand new Pickleball courts, and you might think they've always been there as well. It feel like a game you've played for years, even as you take your first swing. 

Like those slow pickling cucumbers...Pickleball has been fermenting in small incubators all around. us. Now, with the first ever fully functional outdoor courts at Virginia Beach  Tennis and Country Club, the revolution is on, the pickles are on the sandwich! It's time to play.