ASHBURN, Va. — Not even two games into the season and you can sense tension is starting to set in for the Redskins trying to get a win. Washington dropping to 0-2 after their loss to Dallas over the weekend 31-21. Once again, the Redskins got off to a good start only to run out of the steam and a better Cowboys squad woke up. "Two of the best offensive teams. Two of the best offensive lines in pro football we've played back to back", says head coach Jay Gruden.

His quarterback, Case Keenum felt the problems were more within the team. "I think it's on us", he said. "I don't think anybody has to be anybody that they're not. We just have to come in, be ourselves and work hard."

Washington's schedule gets no easier. They've got the Bears at home on Monday night football in Week 3. Then it's the Giants, Patriots, Dolphins, 49ers and Vikings through Week 8. There are possibly two wins during that stretch. As Keenum put it, "This is the NFL. Everybody is really good."