NEW KENT, Va. — If you're into scenery, enjoy. If you want to test your golf skills, bring it on. The restored Royal New Kent Golf Club has it all covered.

The club first opened in 1996, but shut down 14 months ago. After an infusion of over $2 million, they're back in business and just had their grand opening.

Royal New Kent is a Mike Strantz design. He only built 9 courses before passing away at age 50. All his designs have a sense of drama. Director of golf, Chip Sullivan put it this way, "I think with the restoration, what they did in bringing it, the Strantz masterpiece back to life, the way it was 22 years ago, is going to be a "wow" factor in people coming out and playing it."

There is beauty, but don't get too distracted. 'It's beautiful, but it tests every bit of your wit and physical capabilities to get around this golf course. If you can pull off some of the shots on the lies and terrain that you're on, you leave just feeling exhilarated," said Sullivan.