VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Imagine you're having a regular, pleasant, sun filled beach day. Possibly a beverage or two has come into the mix. That one stubborn friend is starting to glow again as everyone else applies their second coat of sunscreen. 

Then you come across something interesting. Four people huddled around a mini trampoline, the center a net instead of classic bounce cloth. They're bouncing a ball back and forth off the net, diving head first into the sand for it, crouching in anticipation. 

They also probably a but stressed. And sweaty. Don't worry, they're also probably having a lot of fun. 

Such is the nature of Spikeball. Whether it's the physicality required, or the mano a mano design of the game, spikeball tends to blend the competitive juices more than most. 

What results belies the surrounding environment. While some build castles close by, you look to bury your opponents dignity in the sand. To wash away their spirit with every spike. 

Just make sure you shake hands, after all, your beach chairs are probably right next to each other. Because outside of the arena, it's just a regular, sun filled beach day.