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Steph Curry makes a major impact on local golfer

Chesapeake's E.J. Whiten is now playing at Howard University thanks to the NBA great's donation to start their golf program

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — The basketball season ended a lot earlier than NBA great Steph Curry would have liked. So, if he's not on a basketball court right now, chances are good you can find him on a golf course somewhere. That makes for a happy set of circumstances for Howard University. Curry stepped up with a big time donation to start a golf program at Howard for men and women. 

Now we throw Everett (E.J.) Whiten into the mix. He had been a standout golfer for Great Bridge High School in Chesapeake and had started his college career at Hampton University. Whiten says, "I remember freshman year hearing about it, Stephen Curry had made the donation to Howard. Me and my roommate were just like that's coo. Howard is going to be playing with us. It's cool there's another HBCU out there. And then here comes COVID and just kills the program at Hampton."

It didn't take long for Howard's coach to reach out to Whiten to come play for the Bison. So, Whiten was on the team in its inaugural season this past spring. Whiten knows how fortunate he is, "I'm blessed to be able to experience this with my teammates. It's just really a blast to have that support."

Curry didn't just put up the money and walk away. He checks in with the coaches often and has even "Facetimed" the team before matches. 

A large part of this story is Curry hoping to help even the playing field for HBCU golf programs. In Whiten's view, "It's a good feeling being out there, seeing other minorities out there playing with you and not being by yourself."

When it comes to playing the game, Whiten is confident in his swing and ability. As he says, "It just all comes down to this (as he points to his head), the six inches between the ears."

I suggested what better person to get advice on the mental aspect of the game than Steph Curry. Whiten is all in with that, "Yes sir. That's a Hall of Famer right there."