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The good, the bad and the future for the Washington Football Team

Time to look at the season in review and a preview what is down the road.

ASHBURN, Va. — Monday was time to clean out the locker room for the Washington Football Team. It also meant many players were available to comment on the season past and what's going to happen in the future. 

Terry McLaurin says he learned plenty about his team this year, "I learned that we have a lot of resilient guys in our locker room. I learned that we have a lot of guys who aren't going to complain when things get tough."

It was a season of streaks for Washington. They had two 4-game losing streaks and one 4-game win streak. In the end it was a (7-10) final record. Taylor Heinicke was thinking it was going to be better, "You go back and look at our training camp team, I'd say we were Super Bowl contenders, but you factor in all these injuries and a lot of the adversity and it's tough. I think if you can stay healthy and play clean football, that's the thing."

Chase Young's torn ACL was the most significant of the injuries. Today he said he is making good progress. He would not put a timeline on his return but said mentally he been strong about his situation, "It wasn't too bad. This is what I signed up for. It's a part of the game. You might get a few bumps and bruises. So now it's just about attacking it and just come back even better."

Certainly Washington fans have learned to be patient. Even so, they're hoping for a rapid progression. Jonathan Allen said this on Monday, "I don't think there is anyway you can speed up or steps you can skip. There's stages that you have to go through and we've been going through them. And I'm excited about what the future holds and I think we're getting there."

And finally, about the new name and brand to be introduced on February 2. Allen and a handful of others got a sneak peek. Allen thinks the fans will be totally onboard, "I think they're going to love it. I think the whole package is complete. It's better than I was expecting to be honest. I had my doubts going in but after leaving it, I was super happy."