Raleigh, NC (WLTX) - South Carolina State University's men's basketball coach is crediting the team's athletic trainer and EMS with saving the life of one of his players.

During the first half of Saturday's game against NC State, senior Ty Solomon collapsed on the bench. Players and coaches crowded around him, in shock and panic about what was happening.

But TV cameras showed the trainer, Tyler Long, performing chest compressions as part of CPR that was administered to Long.

"He along with the EMS staff rose to the occasion and saved Ty's life," said Bulldogs Head Coach Murray Garvin.

As all that was happening, players and fans were seen crying, and people began saying prayers.

A short time later, Solomon was put on a stretcher and taken to the the hospital, and Garvin went with him.

Solomon is said to be in stable condition, and is awake and responsive, according to his coach.

"His family is with him, and he has already started the healing process," Garvin added. "Please continue to pray for us as we heal and recover from this scary ordeal."

The story was shared nationally, and the coach says he and the team have gotten an outpouring of support.

"I witnessed an arena that came together in prayer and displayed genuine concern for this young man," Garvin said. "I have received tweets, emails, phone calls, and texts from around the world with prayers for Ty and our team. Sports has the amazing ability to bring all of us together for the good humanity."