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A medical marvel and the next Harvard man

Tyler Neville shows his spirit and determination for Lafayette High and next year heads to Harvard.

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. — For his high school yearbook they might as well write, "perseverance wins the day." Tyler Neville is passionate about life and his determination has helped him overcome the odds.

Neville stars at tight end for Lafayette High School. He is one of the top recruits in the area and next year will be going to school and playing football for Harvard. 

This is only Neville's second year of playing football in high school. He had been quite busy battling health issues before that. 

First, when he was 14, they discovered he had sunken chest syndrome which put extra pressure on his heart and lungs. He had a metal bar in his chest for two years. That solved the problem.

Next there was the cancer. He spent most of his freshman year in chemo battling Hodgkins lymphoma.

Then while getting back into shape, he fractured two vertebrae. After surgery he's got some rods and pins in his back. 

But now, Neville says, "I'm a well oiled machine."

It took a special spirit to get this far. Neville added, "I wasn't thinking why me. I just kept pushing all out. I just set my mind to it. At that time it was basketball. I set my mind to basketball. I wanted to be the best player I could be and just kept pushing and kind of let that stuff fade off to the side."

For now, it's all about school and suiting up for the Rams. He loves this time of year, "I like to hit. Friday night lights. Everyone tells you about it, but there's nothing like it."