Still confused about the fuss over Net Neutrality which the FCC repealed last month? Burger King is trying to raise awareness about the issue, and explaining it in a YouTube video using The Whopper.

As customers in the video order the signature burger, they are confused as to why they have to wait so long to get it. It's because of the repeal of Whopper Neutrality.

"So you got the slow access Whopper pass," a clerk says.

"Wait. What?" a customer responds.

The clerk shows customers that there are three Whoppers. The slow MBPS Whopper will cost $4.99; the fast MBPS Whopper is $12.99; and the hyperfast MBPS Whopper is $25.99.

MBPS = Making Burgers Per Second. So, if you want it fast, you have to pay more.

"That's how you get it fast," the clerk said about the hyperfast MBPS Whopper. "That's the highest priority."

When asked if they have any Whoppers that are ready, another clerk says yes.

"The sandwich is ready. I'm just not allowed to actually get it to you," he said.

In another example, the clerk lets the customer hold the bag, but has to wait 42 seconds for the burger -- which the clerk is already holding -- to be put in the bag.

In a final jab at FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, the iconic Burger King mascot drinks from a giant Reese's Peanut Butter Cups coffee mug -- something Pai has been known for.

It's important to remember that you can still post pictures of your favorite burger on Instagram. Pai pointed that out in this video before the Net Neutrality rules were repealed.

Burger King says the people ordering were actual customers. The video ends by directing people to