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Expansion of HOT lanes on I-64 to be considered by transportation, planning groups

The HRTPO and HRPDC discussed a proposed expansion of express lanes on I-64 from Newport News to Chesapeake.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — The region's transportation and planning commission organizations met Thursday to consider expanding high occupancy toll (HOT) express lanes along I-64.

Back in October, the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO) and Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (HRPDC) were briefed by VDOT on some different factors that might improve traffic on the area's interstates, specifically with express lanes.

The HRTPO Board said it needed to weigh the cost-benefit analysis before approving to build another set of hot lanes on a stretch of I-64 beginning at Jefferson Avenue in Newport News all the way down to Bowers Hill in Chesapeake.

"We want to make certain talking about the toll: what the cost of those tolls are going to be, what the revenue streams are going to be, where those revenue streams go and ultimately the money? Who is in control of the money? Is it the Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission or is that money going to go to Richmond? And I feel that money generated here needs to stay here," said 94th District Delegate David Yancey (R).

These lanes would also continue onto I-664 to I-64 near the Hampton Coliseum.

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Based on analyses that were completed by HRTPO and VDOT, it looks like a consistent Express Lanes Network would make it possible for more dependable and reliable commutes for high occupancy vehicles, public transit vehicles and other motorists willing to pay a toll. Traffic congestion would also be eased along portions of I-64.

There's now a resolution on the table endorsing the network. HRTPO staff believes building these lanes should be advanced based on the project's readiness and the congestion relief drivers would experience.

Both groups will meet on December 12 to either approve or reject the resolution endorsing more express lanes. It's also expected that VDOT Commissioner Stephen Brich will provide more details about an analysis that was completed on the proposed express lanes network.

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