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Gas prices climb 23 cents in just one week in Hampton Roads

Experts say prices are expected to get worse before they get better.

NORFOLK, Va. — In the matter of one week, gas prices in Hampton Roads rose $0.23 and experts say that number could continue to climb.

"It is all just completely up in the air at this point, unfortunately," said Ryan Adcock, with AAA.

In Hampton Roads, prices increased to $3.46, which is five cents higher than last month and $0.40 higher than a year ago. Across the Commonwealth, the average price for a gallon of gas is $3.49 which increased by 18 cents in the past week.

This price hike is leaving Virginia drivers frustrated and wipes out any recent downward trends for gas prices.

"I was paying 70 to 90 dollars just to fill up once," said Sel Dowdy, a Virginia driver. "It's almost like I have to take a picture of this because it's that insane."

"It's just a complete hassle because no one wants to be paying that price," said Nick Washington, another Virginia driver. 

According to AAA, the reason for the price hike partially comes from abroad where OPEC Plus cut their oil supply by two million barrels. 

"OPEC is made up of the top oil-producing countries in the world, so that has significantly cut down the supply, which is then shot up the demand, which shot up the price," said Adcock. 

However, decreased gas prices could be in the future. Adcock said "winter-grade gas," which is cheaper to make, will be on its way once temperatures start to dip. 

President Joe Biden is also planning to release 10 million barrels of gas by November this year. 

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