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High gas prices cause headaches in Hampton Roads this Memorial Day weekend

Millions of Virginians travel for the holiday and thousands are expected to visit Virginia Beach's Oceanfront.

NORFOLK, Va. — More than a million Virginians are expected to hit the road for the long Memorial Day weekend and for those not even traveling, the impacts will still be felt.

Traffic got backed up for miles on Interstates 64 and 264 Friday, as hundreds of drivers made their way to Virginia Beach's Oceanfront.

Gas prices also surged as more people from out of town came to get away for the weekend, to the chagrin of many who live in the area.

"I just rolled up and down Jefferson Avenue trying to find the cheapest gas, and let me tell you something, it is just not happening," said one Hampton Roads woman.

Across the state, Virginia is averaging $3.34 a gallon, but in Hampton Roads, the price is closer to $3.37. In some places, it can even be closer to $3.40, and one AAA expert said this is because of the sheer amount of people heading into the area.

"We're now sitting above the state's average for gas likely because we are such a big tourist destination for the summer," said Ryan Adcock, spokesman for Hampton Roads' AAA.

Once the demand goes up and supply goes down, the prices will reflect that. Hampton Roads residents told 13News Now they are used to the price fluctuations at this point. 

"I hope and pray to God that prices go down, literally every day, that prices go down like at least a dollar at this point," said one Hampton Roads man.

Adcock said that prices are expected to go up for the rest of the holiday weekend, but they are expected to cool off once it is over. He urged all drivers to shop around the area to find the cheapest gas.

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