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'What a relief' | Hampton Roads drivers relieved to see gas prices below $4 a gallon

AAA said the low demand for gas is contributing to the price drop.

NORFOLK, Va. — Seeing regular gas at $3.72 a gallon on Military Highway in Norfolk is a welcomed sight for many drivers.

Prices soared to five dollars a gallon for regular fuel in Hampton Roads which hurt many pockets.

“What a relief!" said Joseph Clemmons, Jr. "Oh, what a relief!”

“The highest price I ever went was about $45 to $50 dollars…for just a regular four-door sedan,” Kyneen Conner, another driver said.

“Per gallon, $4.98," Clemmons said. "Outrageous.”

AAA said the low demand for gas is contributing to the price drop. 

Holly Dalby with AAA Tidewater says that’s because many people reduced their driving. She said nearly two-thirds of people drove less.

“In March of this year, AAA conducted a consumer sentiment survey and we found that people said when gas reached five dollars a gallon, they planned to make significant changes in their driving patterns,” Dalby said.

She said that started to occur in June. Conner is one driver who had to change her driving pattern.

“I had to tell myself, ‘You don’t need to go anywhere else because of how gas is,'" she said.

Dalby said gas prices dropped $1.25 compared to last month.

"We're on about five weeks of steady decline," Dalby said.

Though, she said you never know when that could change.

With Labor Day right around the corner, AAA expects to see more drivers on the road for the holiday. If gas is back in high demand, we’ll start to see prices jump.

Conner hopes prices at the pump continue to fall in the coming weeks.

"I want it to go down to what it was before but in this economy and where we are, I don't think that's possible right now," Conner said.

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