VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) – Progress is being made on the Holland Road Connection project in Virginia Beach.

The Virginia Department of Transportation says the southbound storm drain work will be 100 percent complete as of September 1. The subdivision at Sugar Maple opened a few weeks ago, and 1/3 of the southbound lanes have been paved.

Grading work still needs to be done toward Dam Neck Road, but crews are about 90 percent there.

The southbound sound walls are 60 percent complete with the foundation and columns installed. Panels should be going up in the next 10 days. The sound walls and pedestrian crossing signs are being worked on at night.

Two-thirds of the curb work is done on the southbound lanes, and curb tie-ins are being done as they go.

Flagging operations will happen at different times and places until the job is done.

VDOT says it is still aiming to complete the project by October 2017. Several factors including weather may change that date, but officials will have a better understanding as they get closer to October.

Paving on the northbound lanes were completed in the spring. The storm line drain, sanitary sewer, force main and water line work on the northbound lanes were also completed in the spring.