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Don't want to wait in line at the DMV? Book your spot online.

The Virginia DMV has a new service allowing people to reserve a spot in line without being there in person.

NORFOLK, Va. — Editor's Note: The above video is from a separate story on file from Jan. 19, 2023.

Here's your reminder: The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is offering a new service to help people save time when they need same-day service.

People can now reserve a spot in line online without actually waiting in person, allowing them to plan a DMV visit without locking in a specific time slot.

Since the service launched in December 2022, more than 12,000 people have reserved their spot in line online, according to the DMV.

“Customers have made it clear to us that they want options. We are always listening and working to meet their needs,” Acting DMV Commissioner Linda Ford wrote in a news release. “We understand the need for in-person service is essential for some transactions and, when you can’t plan ahead with an appointment, this new option offers convenience and flexibility.”

How does this work?

To save a spot, visit the DMV's Locations page to find an office near you, using a zip code search or drop menu of locations.

Nearby DMV locations will show up on a map, which will provide a link to the location's website.

On the website, you can either scan a QR code or text a code to 89247 for further prompts. Each location has a unique code, so scan or text the code for where you'll visit.

Once you arrive at the DMV office, text “I am here” to activate your reservation. People who checked in online have to be at the office by 4:30 p.m. on the day of the reservation to be served. 

If you forget to reserve a spot, you can scan the QR code in the lobby of the DMV location when you arrive and get in line.

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