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Norfolk International Airport sees surge in flight cancellations over COVID-19

Norfolk International Airport is experiencing major decreases in passenger travel and increased measures from COVID-19.

NORFOLK, Va. — Norfolk International Airport is used to having busier days.

Steve Sterling, who is the airport's deputy director of administration operations, explained they have only had 20 to 23 departures as of last week. 

Normally it’s 70.

“Our passenger traffic is down probably 90 to 95 percent at this point,” said Sterling.

COVID-19 is not only creating empty seats. It’s also not allowing passengers to leave.

“About 50 percent of the flights have been canceled,” said Sterling. “It has a significant impact with respect to our operations revenues. Thankfully we have received stimulus from the CARES Act that is helping the airport remain open and operational, safe, and clean.”

Sterling mentioned their airport is making changes to keep the community safe. They installed plexiglass screens and plan to add more.

Sterling advises passengers to come to the airport at least two hours early and bring your own face mask.

Airport officials are working on a detailed recovery plan for the public on what to expect when checking in at Norfolk International Airport. The report is expected to be released in late May.

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