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A/C technicians working overtime to keep people cool

Many Virginia Beach technicians are busy maintaining and repairing air conditioning units due to high temperatures.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — As the hot temperatures rise so do the number of calls for air conditioning repairs.

Owners at the Virginia Beach company, Kellam Mechanical say they are working around the clock to help people beat the heat. 

Technicians with the company said they were very busy over the weekend. They said they are fixing broken A/C units outside and in attics to keep customers cool in the extreme heat.

“My biggest concern is my child. I have a child and obviously a dog - some pets and I think that’s probably the biggest concern when a homeowner has this issue," said Virginia Beach Homeowner Christal Redd. 

Christal Redd said her air conditioner unit is broken and her thermostat reached around 90 degrees inside her house. She said a coworker referred her to Kellam Mechanical to fix her issue.

“Due to the harsh weather. I hooked her up with a window unit," said Kellam Mechanical Technician Richard Barnes. 

Barnes said he and others are working overtime because of the heat.

 “The past three nights - working past 12 o’clock - getting home after 1 o’clock trying to take care of off all these customers," said Barnes. 

Kellam Mechanical's office manager said they are making sure their workers are safe by providing them with hydration kits that include electrolyte packs, oranges and cucumbers. 

Barnes said he’s ready for more work as the hot temperatures carry on.

“If it means coming home at one o’clock, two o’clock in the morning, I at least try to get to most of them as we can and take care of them," said Barnes. 

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