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Gusty winds, rain push sand on top of Oceanfront playground

The wind is creating problems in northeastern N.C. and Hampton Roads. In Virginia Beach, gusts have strewn sand along the boardwalk and a popular beach park.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Gusty winds, cooler temperatures and rain have taken over the Oceanfront since Sunday.

"I think this fog is really cool. You don't get see this very often," said Virginia Beach resident Frank Sommers.

"We were going to take a walk and [Frank] said, 'Let's get on our bikes and ride through this stuff,'" said Sommers' friend, Anita Raab. "We didn't realize the sand is all on the boardwalk and the bike path."

Sand also covered the playground off 2nd Street.

The City of Virginia Beach Grommet posted a picture of what Grommet Island Park typically looks like, not covered in sand. 

"We've lost some beach where the guys surf. Now this, I haven't seen this much sand piled up in the playground in forever," said Virginia Beach resident Linda Haase.

It could take as long as one month to completely clear out and restore the playground and surrounding area, according to a Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation spokesperson. However, if weather cooperates, crews will start the cleanup process on Friday.

"It's a lot of shoveling somebody's got to do," said Sommers.

"And then they have the truck show this weekend, so they're going to have to get the sand off of here," said Raab. 

Technically, Grommet Island Park is open. So, children are still allowed to play on the sculptures and playsets, even if they are buried in sand.