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As Hurricane Dorian continues to churn up the East coast, PETA is reminding pet owners how to treat their furry companions as the storm approaches.

PETA is asking people to never leave their dogs chained during a hurricane, because in the case of flooding, the animals will often swim to exhaustion and then drown.

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In a press release, PETA said many pet owners often do chain up their dogs or leave them behind when there's a natural disaster. The organization added that its Animal Rescue Team has "witnessed firsthand the trauma that animals endure when left behind to face the floodwaters and flying debris caused by hurricanes."

PETA said that during previous storms, they have found dogs dead or up to their necks in water inside of almost-submerged crates in houses. The organization added it has also seen animals who have been flung around in high winds and says they are "petrified" in these kinds of weather conditions.

PETA asks that people interested in helping spread the message share its hurricane-preparedness public service announcement, featuring American actor Dean Winters. 

To learn more about PETA's mission, click here.