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SCIENCE BEHIND: Climate of the past decade

Let's break down the big weather numbers of the 2010s at Norfolk International Airport: We had our ups and downs.

NORFOLK, Va. — The decade challenge was all the rage at the end of 2019, with everyone looking back on what they looked like at the beginning of the decade. Let's break down the big numbers of the 2010s at Norfolk International:

2019 ended up as the warmest year on record at ORF. In fact, 4 out of 5 of the airport's warmest years on record happened during the last decade. That's in line with 2019 reaching the second-place spot for the warmest annual global temperature.

2010 earned a few notable titles at the beginning of the decade.

July 2010 topped the list as the warmest month of the 2010s, with an average temp of 82.8°. The 25th of that month soared to a high of 105°.

Five months later, about 13.5" fell on the snowiest day of the decade (13.4" on December 26) during the two-day "Christmas blizzard." 

December 2010 also ended up with the highest snow amount of the decade with just under 18 inches (17.8").

Somewhere between the heat and snow, November 2010 made its mark as the driest month of the last decade with less than half of an inch (0.43").

On the flip side, 2016 was the 3rd wettest year on record since those records began in the 1800s. 

Going through the 2020s, we'll watch the numbers for you to see what happens this decade has in store.



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