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Chesapeake residents enjoy the snow before the sun goes down

Kids and dogs were playing in the snow Friday afternoon before the snow started really coming down.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — The snow was coming down hard in Chesapeake Friday night. It started with some light snow around 3:30, but by 11:00 p.m., our crews measured three inches of snow in the grass.

But our crews weren't the only ones out and about checking out the winter weather.

George Carbonell said his two kids haven’t seen much snow in their lives. So, they decided to check it out at Chesapeake City Park.

"We’re originally from Florida, so they’re not really snow kids," he said.

But it's safe to say, they loved it.

His son, Jeff, told us the best part about being in the snow is the snowball fights.

Andrew Iltis brought his dog out for some last-minute exercise so they could get back home before the heavy snow hit.

"I like to drink my tea, sit in the warmth, watch it. Not really be in it anymore."

Marlon Jones is visiting his parents from Florida and wanted to grab some pictures of the snowflakes.

But said he wasn’t prepared for how cold it actually is.

"When you see it on television, it's always so nice," he said. "I think the ground looks amazing right now until you take a step and you’re like I almost ended up on it."

Credit: WVEC

While the three of them were enjoying the beginning of the winter weather, snowplows and crews were standing by as the snowfall gets heavier.

The City of Chesapeake said plowing will begin once two inches of snow have accumulated on the ground.

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