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When it's safe, text us those great weather pictures!

Save 13News Now into the contacts on your phone. Then, whenever you have weather pics, other pictures, or tips, you can hit us up with a simple text.

NORFOLK, Va. — Pictures are huge when it comes to telling weather stories, especially when those pictures come from you!

Sharing photos with us is as simple as shooting a text message our way.

Just add 13News Now to the list of contacts on your smartphone. The number is 757.628.6200.

Once you have our information saved, you'll be able to send us your best weather pictures. We always like to remind everyone to make sure conditions are safe when you're taking pictures. Don't go putting yourself or others at risk just to get "the shot!"

If you do send a picture, be sure to tell us where you took it and who gets the credit. That way, if we use it online or on air, we know who gets the shout-out.

PRO TIP: Horizontal pictures (you know, left to right) are better than vertical pictures. In fact, they're preferred!

The great thing is, once you've programmed us into your phone, you can text us for other things, including to share pictures that aren't related to weather, tips, and questions you may have. We love to hear from you.

Oh, and another great way to send things to us is by downloading the 13News Now App. If you go into the Near Me section, you'll be able to upload pictures and videos. If we approve your submission, you may see it on the Near Me map along with other terrific content from us and people across Hampton Roads, the Eastern Shore, and northeaster North Carolina. (You'll be able to see things from outside the region, too.)

Thanks, in advance, for helping us tell the stories across the area!

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