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Newport News pediatrician deals with COVID-19 cases, unusual summer flu cases

She is asking people to mask up in order to stop the spread of both COVID and the flu.

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — A Newport News pediatrician is asking everyone to mask up indoors. She’s not only seeing cases of COVID-19 in children but also the flu. 

The Children’s Clinic Denbigh office in Newport News is where doctors conduct sick visits.

“I’m in my little short sleeves but it looks like winter inside the office," said Children's Clinic Pediatrician Dr. Elizabeth Broderick. 

Dr. Broderick referred to the winter because she’s seeing children test positive for the flu.

“Since May 1 it’s been very unusual. In my entire career. I have never seen influenza in children in the summer months," said Broderick.

Dr. Broderick said the flu cases and COVID-19 cases started to rise about three months ago.

“I got 16 cases of flu since June, which is a never have I ever, and I got 45 cases of COVID since August 1," said Dr. Broderick. 

Broderick said the best way for parents to protect their children is to mask up.

“And play around with these masks at home and let’s get the kids comfortable so they’re better able to wear them during their school day," said Dr. Broderick. 

Broderick is also asking her patients to get both the flu and COVID-19 vaccines to decrease the risk of meeting her in the sick clinic.

“And let’s get this down again. We can do it. We know how to do it. We’re just tired of it," said Dr. Broderick. 

She said the children’s clinic is expected to get the flu vaccine for patients next week.

Dr. Broderick said patients she's treated for the flu are between one and 18 years old. Patients she's treated for COVID-19 are between 2 months old and 22-years-old. 

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