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With whale watching season underway, people flock to Virginia Beach

Whale Watching Tours are filling up as people brave the cold and hop on a boat. More whales are in the water due to their annual whale migration.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Whales are popping up left and right off the Virginia Beach coast.

Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center officials said like clockwork, right after Christmas the annual whale migration begins and lasts until March.

The migration is catching people’s attention and bringing them to jump on a Whale Watching Tour.

 “Right here, right here. He’s going up,” explained Patty Settimo.

Patty Settimo is from Williamsburg and said whale watching is something she and her husband love to do. She brings her camera and takes several pictures of the whales when they come up out of the water.

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“Every January, definitely every January. We just enjoy it. It’s so relaxing and it’s so beautiful. Nature at its finest, right,” Settimo said.

Settimo said she’s been on tours and hasn’t seen any whales. This tour, she got lucky. During the 2.5 hour-tour people saw five different whales.

Aquarium staff said whales typically head south for the winter to mate, but some stop and stay right here off the coast of our waters.

“We have a lot of fish down here, including the Midheaven. The ones that go south and mate and have calf’s they are not they are fasting. Maybe not do one of those activities, they want to stay here and get fattened up for next season,” said Mike Mizell who works with the aquarium.

The whales staying in the area is bringing money to our local economy. People from all over the country are coming for Whale Watching Tours.

“Some are brought to tears. Mainly you hear a lot of screaming and camera clicks when you see them,” Mizell said.

Want to go on a Whale Watching Tour? Click Here.